Telephone Number

The only telephone number to reach the surgery is 01604 709922. 

Our ways of working (21/04/21)

As lockdown restrictions ease, we wanted to update you on how we plan to continue working over the coming months.

We have made many changes over the course of the pandemic to ensure we continue to safely provide services to our patients.  Many of these will remain.

We will continue our telephone-first model of care, but want to reassure patients that if a clinician feels you need to be seen, we will arrange for you to come to the surgery for an appointment.

We will also be continuing the vaccination clinics which can often mean high volumes of patients coming through the building – keep an eye on our Facebook page to see when these are being run and when to avoid coming up to the surgery.

We ask you only come to the surgery for booked appointments.  If you do attend, we ask you wear a mask or face covering, use hand gel on arrival, maintaining social distancing and using the self-check in to mark your arrival.

We still need to follow the rules to ensure we minimise the risk from covid-19 and must do all we can to protect our staff and patients.  Please continue to help us help you by keeping safe whilst continuing to provide a good quality service to our patients.

Thank you 💙🌈

#HelpUsHelpYou #LetsKeepGoing


Current figures show that 10% of the population are now contacting GP practices each week.
In terms of appointments, if you count covid vaccinations, general practice is delivering around 7 million appointments per week - a staggering 1 million a week more than before the pandemic.
We recognise that patients may experience problems getting through to us on the telephone especially during busy periods but we will always do our upmost to deal with enquiries as quickly, professionally and compassionately as we can.
Please be patient and respectful when you do get through to our team who are working incredibly hard at the moment and have been doing so throughout the whole pandemic.
Thank you 💙🌈
#HelpUsHelpYou #BeKind #LetsKeepGoing

😷 Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic on 22nd April 2021😷

We have not received the go ahead to give more 1st vaccines unless a patient comes under cohort 1-9.
If you have previously declined, you can change your mind & make contact regarding having the covid vaccination & if you still have concerns, we can book you a telephone consultation to speak with one of our Clinical Pharmacists.
This week we have scheduled 2nd vaccinations. The 1st given at GP Hub but the 2nd’s we are holding at Wootton Medical Centre.
This clinic is for pre-booked appointments only with the surgery being closed off physically to all other patients.  To help us ensure this runs smoothly:
➡️ arrive at your appointment time (not early or late)
➡️ wear a face mask / covering
➡️ come alone where possible
➡️ wear loose fitted clothing & enter surgery ready for the vaccine to be given
➡️ the car park will be closed off to all patients
➡️ you are advised not to drive for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination tomorrow (Astra Zeneca)
➡️ your temperature will be taken on arrival
For all other patients, if you wish to access the surgery, please telephone 📞 or email 📧.
Thank you 💙🌈




We have invited further patients to book in for their covid vaccination. If you receive a text message but cannot book this way, please DO NOT telephone the practice, we will make contact with you. So many of our telephone calls this afternoon were people telephoning to talk about the covid vaccination which blocks our telephone lines & stopping other patients with medical queries or wanting an appointment from getting through.  Not everybody in Reception can book these vaccines.

We have also had many telephone calls this afternoon asking to check if they are in cohort 6. This is taking up so much time & again we appeal to you NOT to make contact with us with your queries both via the telephone & email. We are a small team & are working extremely hard behind the scenes to keep the surgery running & to focus on the covid vaccination programme. We do not have additional time or resources to answer these queries.

Cohort 6 is a very large and complicated group. This cohort includes patients aged 16 to 64 who have an underlying health condition. You can find out more information about what underlying health conditions qualify for this cohort here: table 3 on pages 10/11 of

We have not yet started to invite from this cohort. When we do, we will invite by text message where possible, otherwise we will telephone you. Please DO NOT call us to check if you are in this group as our telephone lines will be overwhelmed. We will keep this page and our website updated with where we are in the process & will ensure everybody is contacted.

This cohort is likely to take many weeks to vaccinate, depending upon our deliveries. We will also be booking second vaccinations, making this a massive task for which we ask for your patience & support.

Please share with any friends or family not on Facebook & please #HelpUsHelpYou

Thank you 💙🌈

#WaitForUsToContactYou #NHS #HelpUsHelpYou #HandsFaceSpace

Covid Vaccine

Dr Chris Moore - Retirement (21/04/21)

Dr Moore has retired from the Practice and our Senior GP Partner is now Dr A Burada.


All patients registered with Dr Moore have been assigned another GP, however are registered with Wootton Medical Centre and all patients can book with any suitable clinician.

Thank you.

Love NHS

Covid Vaccination Milestone Reached (15/02/21)

Being part of the NHS, we are proud to have reached a significant milestone in the national vaccination programme by administering a total of 15 million vaccines into the arms of some of the most vulnerable people in the country.
A big massive well done to everyone involved in making this happen & to everyone involved with ParkWooD PCN.
We will shortly be advising our next steps to reach the next target of vaccinating cohorts 5-9 before the end of April as well as delivering 2nd vaccinations.
We ask you do not make contact with us, we will invite all patients as they become eligible.
Thank you 💙🌈

New GP Joins Wootton Medical Centre (15/02/21)

We are excited to announce, we have a new salaried GP who is joining us this week at Wootton Medical Centre - Dr William Wall.

Dr Wall graduated from Leeds University Medical School in 2003.  He has spent most of his career so far working as a GP in The British Army, serving with The Light Dragoons and The Household Cavalry; including 2 tours of Afghanistan.

Dr Wall now lives in Northamptonshire and is married to Caroline, who is also a GP.  When they are not working, their 3 children keep them very busy!

New GP

Covid-19 Vaccination - 2nd Dose (12/02/21)

All patients will be offered their 2nd vaccination towards the end of 12 weeks after having receive their 1st.

Patients will be invited in exactly the same (via SMS or telephone) and booked in accordingly.  Unless changes are made by the Government, the 2nd dose will be the same vaccine (Pfizer or Astra Zeneca) as the 1st.

People will need two doses of the vaccine to give the best long-term protection from the virus.

Covid Vaccine

GP Face-to-Face Appointments (18/09/20)


To all our patients - we know there has been a lot of discussion in the news this week about GPs providing face- to-face appointments. We wanted to explain some of the reasons why we have been offering a reduced number of face-to-face appointments. We also wanted to reassure patients that NHS Digital have confirmed that in July over 50% of the 22.8 million appointments carried out were conducted face to face.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained open to patients. We have offered appointments using new ways of working and new technology. We have worked hard to make sure we remained available to speak to, and to offer appointments to anyone who needed them.


While we appreciate that patients sometimes prefer to see a GP face to face, there are reasons why we have offered additional telephone and video consultations, and government guidance has played a big part in this. It has remained the case that if we have needed to see a patient face to face, or felt it was important for their care, we have asked those patients to come in to see us.


Offering new ways of working has helped some patients to access appointments they wouldn’t normally have been able to attend due to their commitments, such as their work or caring responsibilities.


It remains the case that bringing patients into the surgery while coronavirus is with us presents some significant challenges. We want to explain more about these challenges.


We always pay close attention to the cleaning of our premises. However, the level of cleaning required between patients during the pandemic means that if all our patients were to come into the surgery, we would not be able to offer the same number of appointments because of the increased cleaning time that would be needed.


Additionally, changing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) between each patient adds additional time to the end of each appointment. The difficulty in obtaining PPE has also meant that we have needed to be more cautious about the way we use scarce resources.


Another challenge we face is how to make sure that social distancing is as good as it possibly can be, and that we maintain a ‘covid-secure’ environment. Some of the things we need to take into account when considering this are: the number of people in the waiting room, the number of people who cross in the corridors, and the toilet facilities that are available.


As caring employers, we need to ensure that we keep our staff safe as well. Our staff are people too, and some may have ethnicity or health issues that make them more vulnerable to the effects of covid-19.


Finally, and we think most importantly, we need to consider you, our patients. We have many elderly and vulnerable patients with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to covid-19 than most. We also know that there are young and healthy people who have been seriously affected by covid, so it isn’t just the elderly or infirm we need to protect.


Increasing the number of patients in the surgery means that we increase the risk for everyone – particularly if some of those people have symptoms of covid-19 and are unwell enough to need to be seen.


As doctors and staff working in GP practices, we really want to do the best we can for our patients. We do the jobs we do because we care about the people we look after.


We would all love to see a return to ‘normal’ life and the easy face-to-face care we have always provided, but at the moment offering fewer face-to-face appointments keeps patients safe and provides the maximum number of appointments we can.


As always, we are available to talk to patients, and we want to hear from those who need us. While we understand patients’ frustrations with the current situation, we hope that you will continue to help and support us, as you have always supported the NHS, so that we can go on providing you with care and support in the coming weeks and months.


Thank you for your continued support, this is appreciated.


Radiology (12/10/20)

We have been advised of prospective waiting times as below, subject to variation depending on demand and capacity.

Northampton General Hospital (NGH):

  • CT - 6 weeks
  • MRI - 6 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine) - 6 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine head & neck) - 6-8 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine msk) - 6-8 weeks

For CT / MRI, the Radiology Department will contact the patient.  For Ultrasound, the patient needs to telephone 01604 545636 between 08.30-17.00 hrs.

Kettering General Hospital (KGH):

  • CT - 6 weeks
  • MRI - 7-8 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine) - 6 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine head & neck) - 6 weeks
  • Ultrasound (routine msk) - 6 weeks

For CT / MRI, the Radiology Department will contact the patient.  For Ultrasound, the patient needs to telephone 01536 492480 between 08.30-17.00 hrs.

Please note, the lines may be experiencing high call volume.

Front Reception (21/04/21)

Front Reception is open.  However, to ensure we remain safe & reduce the risk of spreading coronvirus (covid-19), please continue to utilise the telephone & email where possible, only attending the surgery when essential.

If you do attend the surgery for a booked appointment please use the self-check-in.

Please remember social distancing & follow the signs on the floor if you need to go to Reception.

Our prescription box has also re-opened, however, we would encourage patients to utilise technology where possible and continue to use systmonline, email ( or the letter box on the main road (opposite the shop).  When using the letter box, please do not bang on the window alerting us, this box is checked regularly.

Thank you for your continued support.


Social Distancing

New Normal (07/08/20)

To all our patients,

Over the last few months you are likely to have noticed a difference in the way things are being done at Wootton Medical Centre as we manage coronavirus (covid-19). 

We want to start off by saying thank you.  Thank you for adapting so quickly to these new ways of working - it has been the drastic, yet fundamental change needed to ensure the safety of you and our staff.

To slow down the spread of coronavirus, we have worked to reduce the number of people coming into the practice by using telephone and video consultation, email and doctorlink (on our website).

Our top priority is, and has always been, to keep you and our staff safe, while ensuring you get the care you need.

This is why we ask that you continue what you have been doing to access your GP service. 

Please DO NOT visit the practice without a booked appointment.  Instead, telephone or email the practice.  You can speak with a GP or Practice Nurse over the telephone or video consultation and can communicate with us via email.  This will often mean you get to speak to the right person to help you, much quicker.

If a GP or Practice Nurse does need to see you in person then you will be given an appointment to attend the practice.

Only coming to the practice with an appointment means:

  • You will be seen promptly (by arriving at your appointment time, not earlier or later)
  • You are reducing your risk of catching / spreading coronavirus by avoiding our waiting room
  • You are helping to keep staff healthy and safe
  • The practice is able to maintain a clean environment and help protect you from the virus

Thank you again for your support and understanding as we all adapt to a new way of working.

Kind regards,

Sharon Bailey
Practice Manager

FAQs - GP Appointments & Bookings


The way patients can access GP services has changed, below are some frequently asked questions that may help you understand these changes:

Why can't I walk into my GP practice?

The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has forced us all to work differently to help slow down the spread of the virus.  All healthcare settings are taking special measures to protect you, the public and our staff.  Wootton Medical Centre, along with other GP practices are working as hard as ever, but differently.

Where possible, we want to avoid people having to wait inside a waiting room together, as we know this increases the risk of the virus spreading.  Like hospitals and dentists, we have also had to change how we offer our services to you.

If you do need to come in, then we can ensure there are a minimal number of people in the practice, we can maintain social distancing and keep patients and staff safe.

How do I get an appointment?

Please telephone the practice on 01604 709922 and ask for a telephone consultation.  The Receptionist will ask for a brief problem and will book you a telephone consultation with the most suitable clinician, it may not be on the same day. You will then be contacted by a clinician to talk through your symptoms either over the telephone, or if needed and you have the available technology, through a video consultation.

Why can't I book a face to face appointment?

We have adapted the way in which you can get an appointment quickly & safely.

Most patient's health concerns can be managed over the telephone or via video consultation.  This is why we are providing you with either an initial telephone call or video consultation to decide what would be the best way to help.  If we can support you without you needing to come into the practice then we reduce the need for you to travel, and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

If you do need a face to face appointment, you will be invited to attend the practice.

If we can ensure there are a minimal number of people in the practice, we can maintain social distancing and keep patients and staff safe.

What if I do not have access to a smartphone or web camera?

While technology has evolved and supports us all in many different ways in our day to day lives, we appreciate not everyone will have access to a smartphone or web camera for a video consultation.

We can still talk to you on your mobile phone or landline.

Will I need to wear a face mask if I come into Wootton Medical Centre for an appointment?

To help limit the spread of the virus, we are asking for all patients aged 7 and over to wear a face covering when they come to the practice.  This does not have to be a face mask, but a cloth covering which covers your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably.  It can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head.

What do I do if I think I have coronavirus (covid-19)?

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • High temperature
  • New, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms then DO NOT visit your GP practice.  You should visit or call NHS 111 if you cannot get help online.

You must self-isolate for ten days from when your symptoms started.  Anyone you live with, or in your support bubble, who does not have symptoms must self-isolate for 14 days from when the first person started having symptoms.

You must also ask for a test as soon as you start showing symptoms.  You can do this online - visit or call NHS 119.

NHS Health Checks

From Monday 10th August, we are reintroducing NHS Health Checks at the surgery.  If you have previously received an invite, whether by SMS text or letter, and would like to book an appointment, please telephone Reception on 01604 709922.  Appointments will initially be available on Tuesday afternoons.

Thank you.

nhs hc


Collecting & Ordering Prescriptions (Updated 27/08/20)

To order a prescription, you will need to use SystmOnline (prior registration required), email ( or letter box (on main road opposite shop).  

As usual, we DO NOT take requests over the telephone.

Please allow up to 72 hours to action you request, which will be sent electronically, where possible, to your pharmacy of choice (nominated pharmacy).  If you have not nominated a pharmacy, this will be sent to Wootton Pharmacy.  

Remember, all NHS staff are doing this to help keep you safe.  Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.